Friday, January 16, 2015


I went on a night walk today and Did it in two parts. I walked to the bus stop with my weighted backpack on, then left it there, then walked to the next bus stop and rested for a while, then doubled back and got my weighted backpack on again and carried it home like a pro. I am already feeling the results of training with weighted clothing, my cardiovascular systems are running more efficiently and my water intake is needing to go up by a large amount. I can FEEL when I'm burning away excess fat! I started steaming when I sat at the bus stop, like steam came out of my pores like in that one episode of serial experiments lain! I have decided to cut my parents out of my life because they just lie to me and hurt me and don't ever seem to really care about anything but pretending to care and     money and themselves and lying. I'm alright though, I have a strong heart and a strong support system in place, plus my starsiblingz and fans keep me motivated. My father of the flesh has the same name as me and got several traffic tickets in MY name by giving the policeman my information when he was stopped in MY car that I had GIVEN him. He won't pay the tickets and said that he "doesn't owe me shit" and that I look like rick ross?! Wtf?! I'm 28 this year and though I don't have a scale at this flat, I've finally managed to get my weight down to acceptable levels (275lbs at last check) through my ogre diet and stuff like that just makes me feel strange, like why would someone be so negative for no good reason? My own mother refuses to admit to lying about purposefully ruining a past attempt to send a gift to my (Now ex) girlfriend and also refuses to help me out financially when she receives windfalls despite SAYING that she would do so, it just confuses me. Why even SAY you would do something if you have no intent to do it? Anyhow, that is just sad for them because my life is trending upwards and I am gaining more fans and followers and supporters, so I will continue to rely on you all for support and do my best to help you out with anything you need, just ask me in the comments!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Still adventurin', using weighted clothing now. Working on various new hustles and bustles, plans plots and schemes, scalars and vectors, games and ways and means, buildin' up the team, chasin' a dream, makin' the scene. Helped push a car into a parking spot whilst wearing my weighted backpack of the star, that was HARD but I did it, I felt so good afterwards! I felt kinda like my heart was getting squeezed in a meaty giants palm, but that's okay, I like testin' myself and putting myself under physical duress. I DON'T enjoy being put under mental and emotional duress, especially by my family, ESPECIALLY by my parents, who sometimes seem to enjoy or at the very least desire to tell me lies and then tell me that the other is the one lying, as it takes up too much of my brain power to try to figure out which one it is that is actually doing the lying, then try to call them on it so I can move on with my life. Que sera sera though, love conquers all and so must I, for I am a starbrother and that is my nindo, my mission, my samurai code and my knightly honor. I'm seriously thinking of hunting birds in the forest near my house with a slingshot and some rocks because of how overpriced food is and how close birds let you get to their plump  little bodies before fluttering away.

Hold tight w33zl, r008a,cancan,animals and all my other fans and followers!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I got some sweet loot today! A tall door looking canvas thingy was bnby the dumpster and I just grapped and snapped it lol.

I'm on dxm and a bit of dph tonight, dealing with my parents and their lies and cruelty to me is taxing, but I have my own place now so I can at the very least try to deal with the things that they have put in my pth. The roadblocks made of lies, the greed and ignorant  refusal to listen, so much stubbornness.

I loathe the feeling of black joy that I take in the things I have to do,I'm trying my hardest to build myself up and do for my girl and make us together a family, separate from my other ones, though I was always separate.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Whilst I was runnin round the trap, round the trap, round the trap
An invocation I did make to the spirits assigned to me!
I asked for help not heaven or hell 
And hoped that they would wish me well
Shout out to /dis/ but more to /del/
esta mi barrio, the place I dwell

Run a run run and my weight will go
my weight will go
(Mah weight will go!)
dance a lil jig and I spit like a pro
essbee that's how I flow

(wicki wicki)

Viggy twizz badda stizzbrizz
spazzy spizzy bizzy flizziez like thin lizzy or pop iggy
Lil bit shoulda dropped in and popped them thick hips at me
wanted that badly
badly wanted to tap that
smack and grab that sniff and whap whap
smack beat and buss off, BRAP like I'm gimy a bad boy wit a thick magic stick and some sick toys
toxic brain fulla scars from the past when the big pharma fuckers knocked a nigga brain out his ass
but thats passed like a gut fulla bad shit
and shit i dont a gree wit
gimme quick wit help and no phleps goal chasin nigga
I dont got game I make games and play em like a yung trigga
megaman leggy 3 wtf cappycom more like crappy company
i found a kitty last nite now shes up in my company, guess the angels knew i needed some company
and companionship
times up and I missed my appointment and now I must go but I stopped here to drop a lil bit of flow hope you enjoyed it keep checkin back and till next time I'm OUT!
(oh OH oh, oh oh oh oh oh)
E ess to da bee, I'm out mah nig-gas I;m out
L8r g8rz!

lololol jk, i did find a cat tho, pics when she stops cuddling with me :2

shout out to lil bitch, ixtu, animals, nemo, eggplant, nikkinikkers, ro8or08,ziggyboo, lil t, kayos, rooba, cancan, kyriaki,animals :3, pomme, crobecca, lola, maria mi arana and all my niggas, /del/ inquents and /dis/sident warriors!

bad mami says she dont miss me, but she lyin and she still love me
she won't diss me and she can't beat me
shoulda kept her clit in her pants till she could get with me
but we've got forever, maybe it will happen, who knows
I'm young hung and have big lips a thick dick sick mind thick meatstick big hands big feet and lots of time, plus I can kick a rhyme, nelly is a dime ;)
miss ya beebee, still think about ya all the time, wish you were my slave, and served me and my new princess, she's My Queen and one day she will be my Empress.
I don't want to diss you, I wanted to dis with you, together, and endeavor, to help us get better, but the past happened, and we've both moved on but I still think a lot 
about what we could have made happen, and I'm done rappin
I'm gonna go watch your vid and imagine your ass clappin while I'm fappin.

OG sb, see ya lil bit ;)