Friday, January 8, 2016

Arguments, Business & Conversation

Note :This is an old post, we have since made up...but of course we have also argued more since then as well. I've been adventuring every day this month, often multiple times a day. Lately though, I've been under the weather,I got a mutant cold from my mum, so I'm fighting that, but at the same time my girl has been rowing with me this week over some stuff with the business she and I started this year. I swear if I was a less mature man, I'd have went nuclear! The more you love someone, the angrier the two of you can get at each other. I took care of the minor problem and then it was like she flipped her switch from "make your husband to be so angry that his eye starts twitching" back to " Be a brilliant and wonderful woman"!

I'm going to find that switch of hers and super glue it so she doesn't get so angry. Still,I wouldn't leave her for anything, she's my angry Angel.

I'll try to post again tonight, I'm heading home from Wal-Mart right now!

Back Finally!

I took time off for the holidays but I'm back now! I've been adventuring every other day or so, I'm on the bus to get to Walmart for an irl dungeon instance right now. Buses are like those things in Wow that fly you to different areas xD

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A late night trip to Wal-Mart

I took a neat irl adventure this morning, riding my bike and taking the bus to an area I was familiar with, but had never went to on a bike. I found a great health food store that sells empty capsules, something I need for my projects. My uncle keeps flying off the handle at me each time I forget to clean one tiny thing, it's really sad to see a grown man insult his 28 year old nephew with horrible ad hominem attacks (he said I stink because I like to play in the dirt...dirt doesn't stink for one thing, plus I'm a farmer, it's a hobby and not play...) When HE keeps borrowing money from me! He's got serious angry management problems though, plus I feel bad for him so I never lash out, not even when he said I was like my dad, and that was a very cruel attack, though I used my infinite two way mirror of positive reflection and debt his negative energy back to him.
He keeps telling me things

Monday, December 7, 2015

Back in the swing of things!

I got a bus pass, so now I don't have to charm my way into the bus each time! I have gone downtown a bunch this month but I'm still finding new stuff...also the girls for realion! I'll take a pic tonight and post it here!

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Late Night Adventure!

I Rode my bike out into the darkness at 2 am in the morning.and felt enveloped by the soothing winds that helped me pedal along. I eventually encountered a very bratty cat, it could tell that I wasn't a threat to it despite being of threatening stature and it walked around me and sniffed me without fear. I almost picked it up, but it was too cool to be seen getting hugged by a two legger, so it hopped out of my arms and stared at me expectantly... I focused my electromagnetic energy and tried to be as positive as possible as I went back to my temporary home and grabbed some chicken to take to the cat. I really thought it would run away for some reason, looking back I don't  know why I was worried about that, I worry too much sometimes lol.

Then this bratty kitty decided NOT to eat my chicken! She sniffed it, then walked towards me like she was saying "Do something else for me!" I picked her up and held her, but she got all grumpy for some reason, I guess because the chicken wasn't to her liking.  I rode around for a while longer, listening to Bonnie Pink and then I got a flat tire, which RUINED everything! I had to CARRY my BIKE back home!

The bike is supposed to take ME places.
I am not supposed to take the bike places.

I wonder what the bike was thinking while I carried it?

Bikes don't think at all lol

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rolly Polly Hotelly

Today I rode from my house to the closest walmart so I could grab some essentials. I felt great and walked around the store for a bit, they are the modern day dungeons. I had Equipped my backpack, shorts, sandals and two shirts because I sweat a lot.. I thought about treating myself and buying some overpriced headphones, but after a convo with a lovely lady associate, I figured it better to just gtfo.

After that I wandered around for a bit, staring at asses mostly, almost goosed this one girl, but thought better of it. I went to the artss and crafts section and remembered my childhood when people said that crafts were ladies work and ..  I wish I could go back in time and smack myself for not standing up and being different without fear.

It's 1107 right now and  the sun is shining upon the small patch of land that I've started improving.. I made compost from the discarded  banana skins and avocado rinds of days past. I'm hoping this will improve the soil quality somewhat. There were also lots of sow bugs/rolypollies around the area, and though I love them all, I have to make them leave so they dont eat up the roots of my plants. I should build a tiny hotel next to the garden for the rolly pollies  XD.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Super Great Time!

Nary a month goes by without some sort of trial that gives me a chance to grow stronger.
Each time I make decisions I have to live with them, good or bad, wrong or right.
Luck has little to do with me and my life, I create my own opportunities and don't rely on chance.
Lust in still an ever present thorn in my side, but I'm doing my best to mitigate it.
Year after year I take stock of my life and see where I've grown, where I've failed and what I've learned.

I recently lost everything because of a bad decision I made (Bingeng on dxm in a hotel while stressed out)

Soon after the dxm kicked in I lost all sense of time and space, then began wandering about in the cold (lol)
This time I apparently freaked some folks out, so they called the emts on my high arse
I didn't know emts had handcuffs, that junk hurt, plus they kept injecting me with things without my consent!
Looking back, it was my fault for doing too much dxm while already stressed about losing my apartment.
Looking ahead, I need to stop dxm because my tolerance is mountainous

Well, after the ride in the amberlamps and multiple shots in the buns, they threw me in the observation room
As if that wasn't stupid and boring enough, they all came in and asked me a buncha questions about dxm!
Now at the time I was still mildly high, but I managed to answer well enough, I think I flirted with a nirse
Then to add insult to injury, they send me to a damn chemical dependency ward and took all my stuff!

You know on Gta when you get wasted? It was pretty much like that, I had to start from zeo.
One good thing though, I got most of my stiff back from the cops office, though not my dxm.
Uncouth and illegal I say, dxm is not a controlled substance and I had only enough for me! give it back!

Thieves! Knaves! Charlatans! Guttersnipes!