Friday, January 8, 2016

Arguments, Business & Conversation

Note :This is an old post, we have since made up...but of course we have also argued more since then as well. I've been adventuring every day this month, often multiple times a day. Lately though, I've been under the weather,I got a mutant cold from my mum, so I'm fighting that, but at the same time my girl has been rowing with me this week over some stuff with the business she and I started this year. I swear if I was a less mature man, I'd have went nuclear! The more you love someone, the angrier the two of you can get at each other. I took care of the minor problem and then it was like she flipped her switch from "make your husband to be so angry that his eye starts twitching" back to " Be a brilliant and wonderful woman"!

I'm going to find that switch of hers and super glue it so she doesn't get so angry. Still,I wouldn't leave her for anything, she's my angry Angel.

I'll try to post again tonight, I'm heading home from Wal-Mart right now!

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  1. Ay starbro! What business are you talking about? I'm surprised nobody commented on this shit. I read it all. Your posts were always so amazing. Glad to see you are trying out the straight and narrow.