Thursday, December 17, 2015

A late night trip to Wal-Mart

I took a neat irl adventure this morning, riding my bike and taking the bus to an area I was familiar with, but had never went to on a bike. I found a great health food store that sells empty capsules, something I need for my projects. My uncle keeps flying off the handle at me each time I forget to clean one tiny thing, it's really sad to see a grown man insult his 28 year old nephew with horrible ad hominem attacks (he said I stink because I like to play in the dirt...dirt doesn't stink for one thing, plus I'm a farmer, it's a hobby and not play...) When HE keeps borrowing money from me! He's got serious angry management problems though, plus I feel bad for him so I never lash out, not even when he said I was like my dad, and that was a very cruel attack, though I used my infinite two way mirror of positive reflection and debt his negative energy back to him.
He keeps telling me things

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