Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rolly Polly Hotelly

Today I rode from my house to the closest walmart so I could grab some essentials. I felt great and walked around the store for a bit, they are the modern day dungeons. I had Equipped my backpack, shorts, sandals and two shirts because I sweat a lot.. I thought about treating myself and buying some overpriced headphones, but after a convo with a lovely lady associate, I figured it better to just gtfo.

After that I wandered around for a bit, staring at asses mostly, almost goosed this one girl, but thought better of it. I went to the artss and crafts section and remembered my childhood when people said that crafts were ladies work and ..  I wish I could go back in time and smack myself for not standing up and being different without fear.

It's 1107 right now and  the sun is shining upon the small patch of land that I've started improving.. I made compost from the discarded  banana skins and avocado rinds of days past. I'm hoping this will improve the soil quality somewhat. There were also lots of sow bugs/rolypollies around the area, and though I love them all, I have to make them leave so they dont eat up the roots of my plants. I should build a tiny hotel next to the garden for the rolly pollies  XD.

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