Friday, October 16, 2015

A Late Night Adventure!

I Rode my bike out into the darkness at 2 am in the morning.and felt enveloped by the soothing winds that helped me pedal along. I eventually encountered a very bratty cat, it could tell that I wasn't a threat to it despite being of threatening stature and it walked around me and sniffed me without fear. I almost picked it up, but it was too cool to be seen getting hugged by a two legger, so it hopped out of my arms and stared at me expectantly... I focused my electromagnetic energy and tried to be as positive as possible as I went back to my temporary home and grabbed some chicken to take to the cat. I really thought it would run away for some reason, looking back I don't  know why I was worried about that, I worry too much sometimes lol.

Then this bratty kitty decided NOT to eat my chicken! She sniffed it, then walked towards me like she was saying "Do something else for me!" I picked her up and held her, but she got all grumpy for some reason, I guess because the chicken wasn't to her liking.  I rode around for a while longer, listening to Bonnie Pink and then I got a flat tire, which RUINED everything! I had to CARRY my BIKE back home!

The bike is supposed to take ME places.
I am not supposed to take the bike places.

I wonder what the bike was thinking while I carried it?

Bikes don't think at all lol

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