Monday, April 13, 2015

Super Great Time!

Nary a month goes by without some sort of trial that gives me a chance to grow stronger.
Each time I make decisions I have to live with them, good or bad, wrong or right.
Luck has little to do with me and my life, I create my own opportunities and don't rely on chance.
Lust in still an ever present thorn in my side, but I'm doing my best to mitigate it.
Year after year I take stock of my life and see where I've grown, where I've failed and what I've learned.

I recently lost everything because of a bad decision I made (Bingeng on dxm in a hotel while stressed out)

Soon after the dxm kicked in I lost all sense of time and space, then began wandering about in the cold (lol)
This time I apparently freaked some folks out, so they called the emts on my high arse
I didn't know emts had handcuffs, that junk hurt, plus they kept injecting me with things without my consent!
Looking back, it was my fault for doing too much dxm while already stressed about losing my apartment.
Looking ahead, I need to stop dxm because my tolerance is mountainous

Well, after the ride in the amberlamps and multiple shots in the buns, they threw me in the observation room
As if that wasn't stupid and boring enough, they all came in and asked me a buncha questions about dxm!
Now at the time I was still mildly high, but I managed to answer well enough, I think I flirted with a nirse
Then to add insult to injury, they send me to a damn chemical dependency ward and took all my stuff!

You know on Gta when you get wasted? It was pretty much like that, I had to start from zeo.
One good thing though, I got most of my stiff back from the cops office, though not my dxm.
Uncouth and illegal I say, dxm is not a controlled substance and I had only enough for me! give it back!

Thieves! Knaves! Charlatans! Guttersnipes!

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