Thursday, January 15, 2015

Still adventurin', using weighted clothing now. Working on various new hustles and bustles, plans plots and schemes, scalars and vectors, games and ways and means, buildin' up the team, chasin' a dream, makin' the scene. Helped push a car into a parking spot whilst wearing my weighted backpack of the star, that was HARD but I did it, I felt so good afterwards! I felt kinda like my heart was getting squeezed in a meaty giants palm, but that's okay, I like testin' myself and putting myself under physical duress. I DON'T enjoy being put under mental and emotional duress, especially by my family, ESPECIALLY by my parents, who sometimes seem to enjoy or at the very least desire to tell me lies and then tell me that the other is the one lying, as it takes up too much of my brain power to try to figure out which one it is that is actually doing the lying, then try to call them on it so I can move on with my life. Que sera sera though, love conquers all and so must I, for I am a starbrother and that is my nindo, my mission, my samurai code and my knightly honor. I'm seriously thinking of hunting birds in the forest near my house with a slingshot and some rocks because of how overpriced food is and how close birds let you get to their plump  little bodies before fluttering away.

Hold tight w33zl, r008a,cancan,animals and all my other fans and followers!

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