Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tonight I went out for a night run, while doing so I came across a random fellow who had just gotten kicked out of his mates flat, so I ended up going BACK to MY flat to get some change to get him on the bus to wherever he was headed. He gave me a sound byte for my game, so it was an okay trade I guess. I got hassled by some strange fellow that was trying WAY too hard on the way home, he excitedly said "WHASSUP WITCHOO NIGGA?!" to me as I was running and as I was in performance mode, I could only cock an eyebrow and mutter a terse "whassup", but the eyebrow cock was lost as it was night lol. I think my body is becoming addicted to the endorphin spike from running for short distances, which is good because I have coined a new term (at least to my knowledge): Persistent Dissociation Syndrome, something I've had for a while now, but it's okay because through training I can make the negative effects go away. Light sources look really awesome at night XD

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