Friday, December 26, 2014

Today's adventure was FULL of profit! I kept wanting to try hunting a dove or pigeon with my new slingshot, but I kept hearing my sister ziggy's voice in my head saying "Starrrrbrooooo, you aren't even that hunnnngryyyyyyy!". In the end it's for the best I suppose, live and let live. I found some not very sweet oranges on a tree in my neighborhood, just growin away with nobody caring about them. 100 years ago having a tree that made fruit might have meant the difference between eating or going to bed hungry, and these days it just sits there, what a topsy turvy world this is!

I've got a lot of projects to get cracking on today and I don't have nearly enough sexy assistants, I'd settle for some frumpy assistants at this point lol, but my mental clarity is up despite my girl being far away from me, so I must ride this wave as far as I can and do what I am able to help others and myself.

Soon I'll hopefully have my etsy shop up so look for that.
Shout out to T-dub, Weasl, Scott Stamp, Rooba, Cancan, Tdl420
Kerflap,Cursive,Fronk,Nemo and of course Ziggy, and even YOU!

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