Monday, August 25, 2014

Amazing day!

Yesterday a damselfly landed on my hand! I spent five minutes or so walking around with it, it was such an awesome feeling. The tiny creature was so slender yet strong, delicate but tough at the same time, the silence it moved with as it performed acrobatics that would put anything made by a human to utter shame.

Here she is, since she was just passing through I didn't name her!

I didn't get to spend much time with her because I had a walk to take, but once I got back home I read about them some more in a book about insects I have (I've been an aspiring entomologist my whole life) and was enraptured by them all over again, the astounding power in it's wings, so pale and transparent, the design of its head and mouthparts, the way its legs were when at rest and when moving. It's a hunter born, built and designed to capture it's prey with grim efficiency. The way the tail looked rigid but could bend gracefully to allow it to mate and lay eggs was another thing I could speak about for hours, but I have more adventures to go on, for now this post is concluded, stay cool my readers, may your own adventures be amazing!

One more shot, she was a real sport and loved the camera!

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